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DJI F550 Landing Gear Set

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This Landing gear set allows you to use the Aeroxcraft GoPro Gimbal underneath and out front of your DJI F550 hexa. Your Lipo batteries are used as counterweights to balance the forward position of the camera gimbal. The included battery mounts also have a bracket for the DJI LED unit. No modifications to your DJI F550 are required to attach the gear. Just bolt on using the supplied fittings and off you go. Note: As of Sept 2013 the F550 Landing Gear Set includes a universal mounting that can be used for the Original Aeroxcraft GoPro Gimbal (servo gimbal), the Zenmuse H3 2D, and many others. There is also a mounting that can be used for attaching a small auxiliary FPV camera. Note: As of July 2014 set includes bracket for DJI H3-3D Gimbal.



  • Universal Gimbal/Camera Mount
  • Bracket for DJI H3-3D Gimbal
  • All hardware and fittings required for assembly and attachment.
  • Velcro Straps to secure lipo batteries.
  • CNC G10 and Aluminium frame parts


  • G10 and aluminium construction.
  • Weight: 170g (Not including payload rails)


  • Full spares backup.
  • Assembly required.
  • Assembly instructions available from our Downloads section.
  • GoPro Gimbal NOT included. see gimbal product page.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK by AeroXcraft Ltd.

GOPRO, HERO are trademarks or registered trademarks of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.


1.            A great product for the large DJI F550 frame. It's a bit pricey compared to the other landing gears out there, but nonetheless it's worth every penny I spent on this product. The landing gear is a stable piece of kit and the battery counterbalance is a great solution to put the center of gravity right in the middle of the frame.

If you want to check out my build video of this great product you can find it here:

Review by Christian Howard

Posted on 30/09/2016

2.            Nice set of landing gear that is worth the extra cash, the ebay copies of this are just that a poor relation to this, quality materials and good instructions in English make this the best landing gear for your F550, don't bother wasting your money on cheap Chinese ebay fakes just buy this and be satisfied!

Would be 5 stars if they supplied or offered foam cushions for the landing poles but on grass and dirt these thing rock!

Its easy to balance the rig with the battery's and gimbal and with the lower COG by placing the battery low and balanced it makes flying even better.

Fitting the LED unit needed a small trim to get the Naza m V2 to fit but took seconds and its a great solution to placing the LED.

Review by Matthew Geldard

Posted on 04/09/2015

3.            In the review I just wrote..., I forgot to mention the super FAST shipping of the F550-LG gear.

I ordered it on a Sunday evening and it was delivered the following Tuesday, amazing!

I'm located in Idaho, U.S. and that shipping time was faster than I would've got it had it been ordered locally...

Review by Duane Walker

Posted on 24/08/2015

4.            I've always liked the design and looks of the Aeroxcraft F550-LG landing gear. Several times I've thought I'd like to buy a set. I recently finally buy the gear and put it on my F550.

This gear is super light, it fits perfectly, it's sturdy and it looks good... Super simple to assemble and install. It's on my 550 to stay. A 5 star product all the way!


D. Walker

Review by Duane Walker

Posted on 24/08/2015

5.            I have long searched for a solution for my F550, evaluating different landing gear.

But a solution like that of aeroxcraft is truly unique and innovative!!!

The assembly is really easy and fast also with the tubes I can be balanced to perfection my drone in a short time. For me that I use different batteries was really cool!

Great aeroxcraft for making this wonderful landing gear!

Review by Andrea Gava

Posted on 26/06/2015

6.            Un train d'atterrissage bien solide après assemblage. Attention cependant, les barres en aluminium ne supportent pas très bien les coups. Après un petit crash, les deux tiges supérieures se sont légèrement pliées.

Mis à part ça, ça reste du bon materiel pour des prises de vue stables en toute confiance.

Review by Mathieu CHAMPEAU

Posted on 25/06/2015

7.            Really nice and lightweight. The only thing is that i would have liked somewhat longer pipes for the camera mount. GoPro has such an wide angle that it's difficult not having the legs show up in the photo when looking straight down. I have moved the camera forward as long as i could and moved the landing pipes backwards as long as i dared and that almost makes it.

Review by Jonas Jardfelt

Posted on 20/06/2015

8.            A well designed, sturdy and very light weight integrated landing gear/lipo holder and camera mount ..... simply the de facto standard for the F550. No other landing gear comes close to this.

Review by Richard Norris

Posted on 12/06/2015

9.            Not only is this a great landing gear solution (very robust design) but the service and timely delivery are stellar. Job well done!

Review by Jim Mechalke

Posted on 04/06/2015

10.          Very nice design, and looked quite sturdy, A bit fiddly getting all the tie wraps in, but worked ok in the end.

The holder for the Naza LED is a nice touch and works well.

The battery holders are a bit fiddly to get your batteries in with all the velcro needed but good for a quad or flat hex. The problem is when you have coaxial motors, as the battery lead is right in the firing line of the lower prop.

I am going to have to move them 90 degrees so they lie front to back (not sure how yet)

Also the material could be a bit thicker as its very brittle and quite weak around the tie wrap holes.

There is no maximum weight stated on the page, but I would not use it for larger hex/octo.

On my first flight with a X8 and a single 5000mah battery (no gimbal or camera) I landed a little faster than I would normally with a little side movement and the bottom of the leg snapped off tipping my craft over and breaking pros, as I said its a great design for smaller quads/hex but a maximum weight limit should be stated.

I would suggest that you buy the repair kit when you get one of these as can be damaged if you have some lateral movement when landing.

Review by colin rowe

Posted on 12/05/2015

11.          The quality of this gear is really good, and with all the spares available should you need them! Customer Service is superb.

Review by T DE VERE HUNT

Posted on 28/04/2015

12.          Sturdy, strong and light.

Crashed without damage to the model because the landing gear absorbed the force.

Even then I only needed some tape and stripes to get it back together.

Spare parts received 3 days after ordering.


Only upgrade I'm planning for is to get longer tubes for camera and battery holder to get the camera in front of the propeller.

Review by Thomas Melbye

Posted on 27/04/2015

13.          Excellent landing gear, pretty easy to assemble (used small file to open up some of the slits), secure fitting to drone and sturdy. Especially like that you can balance the batteries and gimball and use arms for things like FPV transmitter, and mount LED on back behind batteries (tip use a plastic drink bottle clear top cover over LED to increase angle of view). Also stuck some pipe lagging on feet to make landings softer and for protection. Unfortunately recently had a crash, but pleased that I could order just the specific replacement parts, and again, very fast shipping. Highly recommended. There are other landing gears out there, but after much research decided this was the one for me and glad I made that choice.

Review by Alex Christofides

Posted on 16/04/2015

14.          Well impressed with these landing legs, very solid and stable compared to other cheaper legs I've bought in the past.

Easy to build.

Makes it looks a lot neater with the battery under the Hex and once you balance it, the battery always goes back in the same place every time nice, neat and secure.

Looks and feels good quality.

Their Gimbal is easy to fit to these legs.

Yet again very quick dispatch and delivery, was with me before 12 the next day.

Thank you.

Review by Simon Coram

Posted on 28/03/2015

15.          These are the 2nd set of landing gear from Aeroxcraft for two different hexacopters ive built. After using most of the other available landing gears, and being dissapointed with them, I tried these from Aeroxcraft, and can say that I was extremely impressed how light, solid and stable they are, and how much more professional looking they are ! ,.

They have a fantastic battery section so you dont have to strap to the top or below the plates.

Very very happy, and a returning customer too !

Review by Marc Smith

Posted on 26/03/2015

16.          Landing gear is laid out well. Bought this on Amazon and installed on Flamewheel F550. Looks really great! Had a relatively minor harder than usual landing and the G10 laminate frame broke completely in two on the left side. After paying almost $100, i would have thought the construction would be more forgiving. I have flown multirotors, particularly the DJI Phantom, for 3 years and RC aircraft for over 10 years, so not a novice.

Review by Charles Deaderick

Posted on 25/03/2015

17.          Lightweight and stiff landing gear for my F550.

Alltough the landinggear feels sturdy, I don't think it will survife a crash undamaged.

Building instructions are clear and the landinggear was easy to put together. I had to rearrange my F550 as i did not have my battery connection at the back of the frame, but at the right rear side. The landinggear can only be attached with the battery connection at the back (or front).

The frame can easily be balanced by sliding the battery frame back and forth.

Shipping was a delight, I ordered in the evening, together with gimbel and GPS mount, items were shipped the next day and arrived the day after by FedEx!

I am very pleased with the service!


Erik Kater


Review by Erik Kater

Posted on 21/03/2015

18.          Absolutely the fastest shipping on the planet! Great set of landing gear....this is my second set....would buy again if needed. Thanks Rob...great product!

Review by Manuel Hermosilla

Posted on 19/03/2015

19.          ..great landing gear for the F550..never had a better one..

Review by Rudolf Leonhartsberger

Posted on 18/03/2015

20.          Hello

Light weight




YouTube Check out this video from

Review by JAE SEONG MA

Posted on 18/03/2015

21.          The DJI Landing gear set by Aeroxcraft was recommended by a colleague. And in my opinion, it is the best, lightest and most versatile piece of equipment I have purchased for my 550 upgrade. Well done Aeroxcraft, it was a pleasure putting it together.

Review by Frank McQuade

Posted on 16/03/2015

22.          Superb, i cant stop raving about Aeroxcraft enough about to my friends and colleges... i brought this landing gear set following an order for X50 arms and i must say i am impressed easy to assemble, very light, very adjustable, very durable and really good looking my my all black h550 (sorry dji)


it was a pleasure dealing with Aeroxcraft


Thanks again Lewis

Review by lewis barlow

Posted on 11/03/2015

23.          This is the best gear set I've seen, very good quality, you guys did a great job.

Review by Gerald Holt

Posted on 07/03/2015

24.          Love this landing gear set! Easy to put together and the finished product looks amazing. Great asset to any F550.

Review by Mike Drew

Posted on 05/03/2015

25.          Great product! I live in the Netherlands and ordered this landing gear for my F550. The service is fantastic, the second day i already had the product at home.

Definitely worth to order more in the future

Review by anton valk

Posted on 02/03/2015

26.          Superb bit of kit. Goes together very easily and makes up into a super strong but lightweight landing platform for the F550. As an added bit of 'bling' and protection I carbon wrapped mine and it looks amazing - hasn't altered the weight either - it now looks like something that should cost way more than its purchase price. Very easy to balance up too. Would have no worries in buying another one or any Aeroxcraft product again - in fact will probably get the vibration isolator kit too so its as good as it can be!!

Review by David Dolman

Posted on 01/03/2015

27.          Very strong & light.Excellent quality. Easy to attach FPV camera & batteries. Much better than my previous landing gear.

Review by Gary Boag

Posted on 26/02/2015

28.          What an excellent product, easy to put together very strong and lightweight and manufactured to a high standard it is well worth the money, i can proudly say that im a Aeroxcraft landing gear owner.

Review by neil walters

Posted on 26/02/2015

29.          l carrello è molto bello e solido facilissimo da montare in pochi minuti. Se volete un bel prodotto e non troppo costoso AEROXCRAFT è quello che fa per voi. La spedizione è veloce e sono una società seria. Grazie

Review by luca berlanda

Posted on 26/02/2015

30.          I bought this landing gear for my F550 and I have to say that I am more than pleased. First the product arrived in less than 48 hours to Spain. Second the product came perfectly packed. Third the quality of the design and materials is supreme. I was surprised by its simplicity and efficiency. It is quite light and strong. I totally recommend it if you want a hight quality landing gear for your multirotor.

Review by jordi caballe

Posted on 25/02/2015

31.          Very nice, strong and light. Lots of nice features, solves many problems in one go!


Posted on 25/02/2015

32.          I previously couldn't find a decent landing gear set, so built my own. But having discovered this great piece of kit, the home built has been replaced by this innovative design with a good weight saving and a much more professional look.

Extra fast shipping - even all the way to New Zealand.

Review by A B Creahan

Posted on 25/02/2015

33.          After spending hundreds of dollars on various solutions for the DJI550, I finally settled on the Aeroxcraft landing gear. It is by far the I have found at any price. I have three sets now on three different UAV's. It puts the camera out front where it belongs. And the battery is neatly tucked in under the UAV to offset the camera's weight. Makes the drone fly better and keeps the motors out of the GoPro camera frame most of the time. I also have choices on the gimbal I use as this mount can be adapted to just about any gimbal on the market. One last point, with gear on the DJI, it makes orientation for the pilot much better. When coupled with the Aeroxcraft aluminum arms, the DJI becomes a high quality UAV that looks good and performs great!

Review by Jeffrey Gullo

Posted on 25/02/2015

34.          The landing gear is very solid and easy to assemble. If you NEED a review to decide whether to buy it: I recommend it. Shipping is fast and are a serious company. Thanks AeroXcraft.

Review by Carles Bertran Perez

Posted on 25/02/2015

35.          Very nice design, surprisingly sturdy, but the leg material needs to be at LEAST 50% thicker. I've had a couple fast landings (not especially hard, not crashes, but I needed to land quickly) where the legs snapped. First one side, which I repaired with epoxy and popsicle sticks, then the other side in a later flight. I would definitely buy this kit again if the leg plates were made from thicker, sturdier material! I know it would weigh more, but on a hex another 50-80 grams is not a huge deal. To note, it's the outer leg plates that break, the inner plates are fine (and if upgraded the inner plates could even still be made from the thinner material, since they have to bend to put the kit together). Aside from that, this kit is well-designed, easy to assemble (and repair) and almost worth the price (a hundred quid is a bit much, mates!)

Review by Timothy Partee

Posted on 02/02/2015

36.          The Landing gear came to my country very fast. The communication with was great. The items are very precisely made.

Landing gear isolates the camera gimbal from the frame of the F550 with great success.

Build time was short with the great results. No modifications required. Excellent quality.

Many thanks

Review by Evzen Vanek

Posted on 30/12/2014

37. engineering...! first landing gear aeroxcraft in dubai...

Review by Barbe Israel

Posted on 28/12/2014

38.          I was so impressed with this on my DJI550, I bought a second set for my DJI550/Y6 too.

These are so excellently designed and machined to such perfect tolerances every DJI550 owner should use this solution

Review by Alistair Hull

Posted on 11/12/2014

39.          I was particularly impressed with the build quality and tolerances that Aeroxcraft have achieved with these products, as well as the simplicity of the builds themselves. Such a light landing gear that will not negatively impact the All-Up-Weight of your MultiCopter.

Review by Alistair Hull

Posted on 11/12/2014

40.          I have just purchased the Landing gear which came today, 30 mins build time which was a pleasure to assemble and had great results in its test flight.

very good quality light weight and easily attaches to the drone.

very good transaction


many thanks


Review by Kye Otridge

Posted on 29/11/2014

41.          Super easy to build and has saved my craft more times than I would like to admit. Pipes are made of aluminum and mine seem to show wear in certain areas but i could not be happier with it as a whole. Its got a great price tag and although the zip ties holding it together worried me at first, I realized they are a great failsafe and are much easier than finding replacement screws, bolts, etc.

Review by John Weathers

Posted on 19/11/2014

42.          From the time you open the box ya know it's a QUALITY MADE gear.. everything went together with ease. .works FANTASTIC with our dji 550 gimbal & goprpo can't say enough about this gear.. BUY IT you Won't regret it.

Review by Chris Wright

Posted on 18/11/2014

43.          Excellent Landing Gear, Strong, flexible,

and the Service is Very very fast. from UK to USA, FL. only 3 days.


Review by Cristian Baradit

Posted on 18/11/2014

44.          It´s a perfect product, stronger, lighter, etc. The quality video is super with this landin gera, zero vibrations, zero jelly

Review by Javier Bascón

Posted on 17/11/2014

45.          Hi Everyone,

Just a short note …. after buying this product I would like to let you all know how easy it was to build, how strong and practical it is for all, who could use it on their hexacopter.

Thank you


Posted on 17/11/2014

46.          Best landing gear for the F550 hands down. All other landing gear is inferior. It will take a beating, very functional, stable, and it just looks cool!

Review by Manuel Hermosilla

Posted on 15/11/2014

47.          Have been using this landing gear for 8 months now. I am very happy with it. The strength to weight ratio is incredible.

The rails make it very easy to balance the multirotor by moving battery forwards and backwards.

Review by Jonas Laustrup

Posted on 15/11/2014

48.          Best landing gear on the market for the F550 hands down, don't bother with anything else!

Review by David Wyatt

Posted on 15/11/2014

49.          This is a verry strong, lite waight, easy to bild landing gear set. It's verry stable and also easy to fit your camera and lipo. You can use this set also for the F450, but you have to make some spacers to fit it. The price is also verry good if you see what you get for it. The only little negative thing about it is tha it's balancing on the ground on the centerplates. But you can solve this verry easy by adding some rubbers on the end of the pipes.


G. de Bruin

Review by G. de Bruin

Posted on 15/11/2014

50.          Superb, nicely engineered to balance the F550 Hexcopter with gimbal and battery fitted. Both the DJI H3-2D and H3-3D gimbal fits onto this as well as other 3rd party gimbals. Light and easy to assemble and has detailed instructions available to download from the website.

Review by Roy Humphreys

Posted on 14/11/2014

51.          Bought this for my f550 .It improves the looks no end as opposed to stock legs,is very functional with regards to mounting batteries. camera gimbal mount adds to versatility. Easy to assemble from excellent manual and was really rigid and strong which i didn't expect as only held together with ties. Highly recommend this as a good addition to any f550

Review by karen davies

Posted on 14/11/2014

52.          I bought this item for my NAZA DJI F550 ... I recommend it to EVERYONE !!


Take a new style to your model!


Shipping to Italy fast!

Review by Christian Piovesan

Posted on 14/11/2014

53.          Very light weight, strong, and easy to assemble landing skid. I live in Kansas City and the package arrived quicker than expected. They also threw in a sample aluminum arm for my F550!!!! Thanks!

Review by Eduard Pogosov

Posted on 14/11/2014

54.          I bought this to replace a cheap Chinese import. Yes the Aeroxcraft landing gear set cost a little more BUT it has really helped me get a better balance with my camera, video transmitter and batteries. Significantly better take off and landings thanks to this gear set. Highly recommended.

Review by Keith Lawton

Posted on 14/11/2014

55.          excellent company with great products. Product quality is the primary characteristic of the philosophy of the market. Congratulations

Review by Fabio De Santis

Posted on 14/11/2014

56.          This landing gear is great in design and build. Easily assembled within one hour and your ready to go. The kit arrived fast and you download the assembly instructions from the product page. I have since ordered the updated gimbal plate (which now comes as standard). As expected it fitted perfectly. I have now used the original plate to mount other gear directly under the base plate of my f550.

The main advantage of this product is the ability to offset the weight of the camera and gimbal with the battery by moving them into perfect balance. This in turn means your drone flys much better.

Review by Nigel Brookes

Posted on 14/11/2014

57.          E' un ottimo carrello che ho montato sul mio DJI F550, è stabile, robusto e leggero . Ci ho messo una Gimbal Zenmuse H3 - 3D con una Gopro Hero 3 + funziona benissimo e non si inquadrano le eliche quando si fanno le riprese con la Gopro posizionata in avanti. Ottimo prodotto. Andrea (Florence, Italy)

Review by andrea faggi

Posted on 14/11/2014

58.          2 words: Strength and Durability!

That's what this landing gear is all about. Also, very easy to assemble and I couldn't be happier. I've landed a few time a bit harder than I anticipated and my first thought was, there goes the camera and gimbal. Not with this landing gear! After the first hard landing, I didn't really worry anymore if I had to bring her down quickly. Being able to perfectly balance the F550 by sliding the gimbal mount and/or the battery is extremely easy and takes a lot of guess work out of it. Pretty much set it and forget it (with a quick check every now and then after some crazy flying )! I recommend the Aeroxcraft landing skids to anyone looking for those 2 words mentioned above! Hope this helps someone make an informed decision! Thanks Aeroxcraft...

Review by John Wilson

Posted on 14/11/2014

59.          Aloha from Hawaii...this is an extremely solid landing gear and very easy to put together and install. No vibrations what so ever. I actually made some adjustments to fit my F450 and it flies like a champ. Superior engineering, lightweight, and recommend this to all who want a quality addition to their multi-rotor. Mahalo from the islands.

Review by John Lonie

Posted on 14/11/2014

60.          The Aeroxcraft is the best landing gear set I have ever owned. I have had 4 sets of landing gear so far and broke 3 of them due to heavy landings. The aeroxcraft is solid as a rock. It is an amazing bit of kit which has some great features. It keeps the weight of the batteries and the camera under the drone which stabilises the drone so well. The ability to push the camera forward to counter the weight of the batteries is so simple and effective. The universal gimbal mount is excellent, and carries the camera clear of the legs for obstruction free filming. I can't say enough good things about the landing gear, it is robust and very light. It is strong as a rock and has great features like the ability to counter balance the weight of the batteries. It is a great price for such a high quality item. If you want the best and you have a small amount of cash to spend you can't do better than the aeroxcraft F550 landing gear.

Review by adam dark

Posted on 13/11/2014

Customer Reviews

61.          Aeroxcraft products are 1st Class: precision, well designed, strong, easy to assemble, and versatile. I've purchased 2 550 Landing Gear. I like the design, user friendly and practical adjustments for COG when positioning camera, gimbal and batteries. Customer service and technical support is fast and comprehensive. I've bought other products from competitors but they don't compare to AeroXcraft.


Posted on 13/11/2014

62.          Been using this for nearly a year now on my F550 and got to say they are very impressive landing gear and stand up to the rigours of long term use very well indeed. Broke one leg on a hard crash landing one time but easily (and quickly) fixed with the spares set which is also available. The gimbal mount plate is excellent and held my FY-G3 with only a very minor mod needed to align holes. All in all a very well thought out bit of kit and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for lightweight, strong, and feature-packed landing gear. Yes, they are more expensive than some of the sets to be found on fleabay, but you definitely get what you pay for!

Review by Simon Green

Posted on 13/11/2014

63.          Landing skids are very sturdy and provide multiple convenient places to mount various components. Easy assembly and installation. All materials were good quality. This is definitely the right choice for FlameWheel F550

Review by Greg Smith

Posted on 13/11/2014

64.          Pricey! but i see they have dropped it by £20 , So it is well worth it, a good looking , well functioning item. It allows you to get a good CoG by shifting the battery and the camera on the sliders. The camera can be so far forward as to avoid the props getting in shot. After a motor failure the undercarriage suffered a very heavy landing and broke , however it was easily fixable.

Its light , functioning and has good form. BUY IT!

Review by tom lavery

Posted on 13/11/2014

65.          Great landinggear for my gopro and fpv unit!! Can handle my custom made gaui 500x wery well!! Thanx for a great product!!!

Review by Johnny Häggblom

Posted on 13/11/2014

66.          I bought it because of aesthetic side and for the possibility to mount the FPV gear, the GoPro gimbal and the battery on sliding plates and let the upper plate of my F550 totally free, but when I've assembled it, I've been really surprised about the rigidity and the lightness of this landing gear.

I'm using it from november 2013 and after so many flights I can say that it's really strong and stable: even with some "hard" landing, it had no damages at all.

The gimbal that I've installed on it is free from vibrations, already with the stock landing gear.

It's really easy to put the CG in the center of the flight controller each time You change battery, thanks to the sliding plates that allow to move battery and all the FPV gear, when You use LiPo with different weight.

Great product; the only "cons" is the fact that there aren't rubber rings to put in the lower rails and so as it is, it's the lower part of the "C" frame that touches the ground during landing, but this is an issue very easy to solve putting some rubber or self made neoprene rings on the lower rail.

Review by Riccardo Cicuto

Posted on 13/11/2014

67.          The cart is designed so brilliant, very light, very precise assembly parts, easy to assemble, particularly very important to me allows you to precisely adjust the center of gravity.

Review by Alessandro Vescovo

Posted on 13/11/2014

68.          Long time overdue review, my bad! I was having too much fun with my F550 due to this excellent Landing Gear Set. It gave nice legs to my F550 which his my primary practice drone to tell you it does take the abuse. The assembly was easy, zip tied everything, light and flexible. I was suspicious it could take a hard landing, so I wrapped the tube with some pipe foam just to be on the safe side and it did the trick! The Gopro sits well in the front, the props don't show in the FOV, very easy to balance with the 4S in the back.

Right now saving up for those X55 Aluminium Arms (Black or Blue, man why do you have to make the choice so difficult).

Anyway good product, my friend was also happy about it and good customer service too.

Keep up the good work and thanks for making great products!

Review by Christophe Halot

Posted on 13/11/2014

69.          I received an f550 from my family, i already had a dji gimbal and needed a way to attach it to the f550.

This landing gear set was the best solution i could find. Assembly was a little painful for my arthritic hands, it does require some force to push the tubes through the grommets, but once they are in place they stay which is a good thing.

The gear is light and strong and does the job perhaps the best part of the frame is that when i changed battery packs from S3 to S4 it was relatively easy to slide things around to rebalance the copter.

It is also easy to move the camera far enough forward to give an unobstructed view with no props or frame parts in the picture. I have been using it for about a year now with no problems.

Review by Christopher Marson

Posted on 13/11/2014

70.          Simply the best landinggear for the F550. The Aeroxcraft gear provides a perfectly stable platform for the GoPro gimbal and ensures the landing gear and all other components of the F550 are out of camera shot. This is a must-have for those who need professional quality video. You can also ease the horizontal arms forwards/backwards to ensure balance of the craft when using different batteries.

Don't bother looking at other landing gear products - this does it all and is the best.

Review by Richard Norris

Posted on 13/11/2014

71.          I have already bought 2 pieces of it.

Very stable and perfect finish.

I would buy it again at any time.

Review by Christian Freydl

Posted on 12/11/2014

72.          This landing gear is by far the best landing gear for a 550 money can buy! rock solid, very stable and carries a gimbal effortlessly. The "pole" design allows for easy weight distribution; your batteries mount on the back with your gimbal on the front - balancing is as simple as sliding the battery and or gimbal mount along the poles to the desired slot and the rubber bushings keeps everything firmly in place. Don't forget to check out AeroXcraft's gimbals... several people in my club saw mine and were quick to order.

You will be very happy with the design and quality...

Review by Jim Pratt

Posted on 12/11/2014

73.          This is one of the best engineered items for the 550. I have over five hundred flights on my 550 with the landing gear and it still functions as it did the day that I installed in onto my DJI 550 flame wheel. Now it is serving as a test platform for FPV and as a camera platform for different cameras. Love this item, really satisfied with the product and the great customer support.. Keep it going guys...

Review by Jim Powell

Posted on 12/11/2014

74.          This product was a complete surprise! I wasn't expecting it to be flat packed in a padded envelope and was amazed at the precision with which it had been made. The assembly was simple and the plans were CLEAR and logical (what a refreshing change from some of the Chinese stuff....some of the products coming out of the Far East have got SHOCKING instructions (if any) and assume a level of genius that is highly unlikely outside of Beijing!). AeroXcraft supplied a good product, with quality parts and clear instructions. The final product is super lightweight and brilliant. Very happy with the product and the fast efficient service from AeroXcraft.

Review by Kevin Perkins

Posted on 11/11/2014

75.          Rock solid, eliminated my "jello" problem thanks to lowering my COG.

Review by Connor Leszczuk

Posted on 11/11/2014

76.          It's the smartest construction of a F550 landing-gear I've seen so far. It allows arranging stuff in a unknown flexibility and is finished on a high Level of Quality. It's very light-weight and stiff enough, thanks a lot!

Review by Sven Ott

Posted on 11/11/2014

77.          This landing gear set is the best I have seen for the F550. What starts as a pile of parts quickly and cleverly assembles into a very strong and surprisingly light structure. It fits the F550 well and looks good. Having the battery holder at the rear to balance the gimbal and camera frees the top deck for FPV accessories. The supplied gimbal mount was not used in my case as I had a Tarot gimbal but this was easy to fit to the rails. I do not get the rotors in the camera shot unless I manoeuvre in an extreme manner since the camera is a long way forward, counterbalanced by the rear-mounted battery. The legs are tall enough to ensure the camera is clear of the ground on the gimbal.


I would highly recommend this landing gear if you are looking to upgrade. Great service by Aeroxcraft as well!

Review by Simon King

Posted on 10/11/2014

78.          great Quality and precision applied to all parts; needed a lot of spares becaues of "failed failsafes" but in this time, the most important is: there ARE spares available. great construction wich gives a maximum of flexibility, thanks for that!

Review by Sven Ott

Posted on 19/10/2014

79.          The DJI F550 Landing Gear Set (F550-LG) arrived today! I am very impressed with AeroXCraft with the fast delivery time on this product. It was shipped on Monday from the UK and it arrived on Wednesday in the USA! The landing gear are very well thought out. They go together rather quickly, however, I am disappointed that there was no provisions for landing skid bumpers. As the craft tends to wobble for and aft when sitting on a hard surface. I will be shopping at my local hardware store looking for something to fit the bill. Otherwise this is a very good upgrade landing gear for your F550 Hexacoptor, I highly recommend it!


Posted on 09/10/2014

80.          I love this landing gear. Was flying in -20c temps and no problems at all. With a little bit of foam around the tubes handled the snow well about 4" deep

Review by Merv Sauerberg

Posted on 31/03/2013

81.          Excellent design. Allows more room for accessories on the DJI plates. Love the batteries being on the end. Overall besides giving the Hexa a more professional look it also makes it more efficient. Housing for the gopro is great. Support is the best I've ever had.

Review by Warren Carrington

Posted on 10/12/2012

82.          Come on guys, this is some cool stuff. I am excited to fly tomorrow. I love this hobby because of all the cool products like this. Creative and very easy to assemble. Try colored wire ties for a accent. Going for GoPro mount next.

Review by Tim Spinks

Posted on 06/10/2012

83.          Amazingly clever design. This landing gear is extremely lightweight and sturdy. I was impressed with the ease of assembly. The landing gear is compact which lowers the over all profile of my Y6. Materials used for the construction of the landing gear set are top notch. The landing gear also allows you to mount it to DJI's F550 frame in "+" or "x" position. This is a well thought out design and worth the investment.

Review by Dewey Edwards

Posted on 16/08/2012

84.          Fantastic landing gear, light, stable and easy to assemble.

Very good assembly instructions with a lot of pictures.

Exact all the pieces fit, a really good job.

Thanks Rob.

Review by Peter M. Mueller

Posted on 17/06/2012

85.          What a superb bit of kit. Arrived within 2 days of postage. Kit contained everything bagged and a great set of instructions that were very easy to follow. Building was a breeze without having to file or drill any of the parts to make them fit. While I had my doubts about the use of zip ties to hold the components it made for a quick build (under an hour) and once fitted to my Dji F550 it was unbelievable how ridged that whole structure was.

Review by Malcolm Clarke

Posted on 30/05/2012

86.          What a superb bit of kit. Arrived within 2 days of postage. Kit contained everything bagged and a great set of instructions that were very easy to follow. Building was a breeze without having to file or drill any of the parts to make them fit. While I had my doubts about the use of zip ties to hold the components it made for a quick build (under an hour) and once fitted to my Dji F550 it was unbelievable how ridged that whole structure was.

Review by Malcolm Clarke

Posted on 30/05/2012

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